Arguments Against Socrates

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Will you choose to stick with your values and principals when facing death? It has been a month since Socrates was put in prison waiting for his execution. Socrates’s execution took long because a state galley had set out on a religious mission that took place annually, and the law was to never allow any executions until the state galley returns. Socrates was sentenced to death after he was found guilty in not believing in the Gods and also corrupting the young children. When the ship was about to arrive, Crito, Socrates’s old faithful friend, arrives early to where they held Socrates. The guard allows Crito to see Socrates because he offered them a bribe. Crito becomes surprised on how Socrates remains calm even when facing a death sentence. …show more content…

First, Crito made it clear to Socrates that he should not be worried about the risk or financial costs to his friends as they are willing to pay. Also, Crito said that they would be justified in helping Socrates escaping from prison if they are caught. Aside from not worrying about Crito and his friends who are helping Socrates escape prison, there is one major motivation for Crito to help Socrates, which is no one would believe that Socrates had willingly faced execution. Instead, Crito would be accused of not having helped Socrates, and of valuing his money more than his friend's life.
On a more ethical level, Crito presents two reasons for why Socrates should escape prison. Crito thinks that it is not just for Socrates to give up his life when he can save it. If he stayed, he would be aiding his enemies in wronging him unjustly, and would thus be acting unjustly himself. Secondly, accepting death means that Socrates is showing no concerns for his family’s fate, and by escaping, he could live in exile and raise and educate his sons. Those reasons are what made Crito believe that Socrates should not give up his life and should escape and live in

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