Arguments On Inequality In Society

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Division has been human nature since time immemorial. The clash of different groups based purely on their difference has been part of our nature since the days of the Sumerians. This conflict has always been an issue in society, plaguing nations and dividing communities. However, with modern innovation, many believe that we have overcome inequality, citing the rise of new arguments for equality and a more conciliatory outlook arising from activists. There is another faction, however, that argues that inequality is part of human nature and has been and will be around for the entire existence of the human race, due to its intrinsic nature and the subtle restrictions of freedoms that plague this nation.

This latter argument finds support in the rhetoric and actions of both antiquity and the present. Frederick Douglass in a speech about modern civil liberties mentioned the Babylonian captivity, in which the captured Jews “sat and... Wept for Zion” a symbol of the oppression humans have experienced ever since [Source C]. Douglass is alluding to how people have been mistreated and brutalized by those unlike them since times before Jesus; this is invariable human nature, and with time all society reverts back to it. The Babylonians mistreated the Jews thousands of years ago because of their race. We say that we have overcome these biases in our modern world, yet comedians still joke about Jewish peoples in the media. This and similar struggles in our nation cannot be considered

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