Ariah's V: A Short Story

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Ariah's POV After we grabbed various things it was about 2:00. We checked out and ran out to the car. When we got home we hurried off to my room. "Ok everyone I have a secret. I have tunnels. They're all throughout the house." Everyone looks surprised. "Everybody needs to grab a laptop and all the stuff you bought, I'll grab food." Everyone starts grabbing their stuff and standing by my bed. I quickly get my stuff and walk to my closet. "Quick I here the others into the tunnels." Everybody rushes into my secret tunnels and sits down. "Okay. We'll leave all the food right here in the entrance. Perrie and Mel grab a laptop and head left don't forget the headphones. Lottie and Fizzy go right with a laptop and headphones. Nicky and Liam go

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