Why I Don 't Be Fully Prepped And Ready For Residents

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William froze. He stared at the ground blankly as the darkest of all thoughts crossed his mind. “What wrong, Dad?” “All right, now you two need to listen to me carefully and do exactly what I say. Starting right now, you need to begin prepping the bunker as quickly and quietly as possible. Stow as many provisions as you can fit in there. Think in terms of what we will need to survive for years, not weeks. That bunker needs to be fully prepped and ready for residents immediately.” “Why? What’s happening, Dad? You’re scaring the shit out of me.” “I don’t have time to explain. Just get to work,” William said. William walked inside the farmhouse and retrieved a pen and a piece of paper. On the paper, he wrote fifteen names. He handed the paper to James. “What’s this?” James asked. “I want everyone on that list to meet tonight in the cider mill. Tell them to pack clothes and keepsakes, not too much, just the essentials.” James looked at the list, and then looked at his father. “Everyone?” James asked incredulously. “Yes, everyone. Now get working.” James and Crocco walked off the front porch and jogged towards the cider mill. William walked to his office on the second floor. He turned on his computer and prayed for the satellite uplink to connect him to the internet. William fist-pumped under his desk when the connection opened and a young woman’s face appeared on the screen. “Good Evening, Mr. Blake. I’m Charlotte, concierge 4576, how do you fare?” “Hale and hearty, hearty

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