Ariel And Tupolski's Play

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Both the central idea and the stories within the play revolve around parents or adults treating the children badly. What’s more, it is not only Katurian and his brother that are subjected to acts of physical violence but also the police officers Ariel and Tupolski. When this is revealed, Ariel and Tupolski become both the executors of subjective and systemic violence but also the victims that act out their own traumatic experiences. So, by this dialogue very soon it is clear that Ariel as one of the detectives was physically and sexually abused as a child and is also represented by Katurian when asks him: “And who was the first one who told you to kneel down, Ariel? Your mum or your dad? (Ariel stops dead still. Tupolski’s jaw drops.)” (McDonagh 54). Tupolski also continues to show that he is the victim of child abuse when he says:
“I’m just tired of everybody around here using their shitty childhoods to justify their shitty behaviour. My dad was a violent alcoholic. Am I a violent alcoholic? Yes, I am, but that was my personal choice. I freely admit it”. (McDonagh 54) According to this conversation, Ariel and Katurian both are the victims and at the same time hero who did divine violence against their parents and murdering …show more content…

All of them get together and represent a good example for a society with domestic violence, for the most part, represented in the form of child abuse in the play and we are faced with several irresponsible families. It also shows the views of the people who are living in that society who are the victim and at the same time hero for themselves. On the other hand, every character of the play lives with the sense of revenge and also on the opposite side needs peace in his mind, that can be impossible for him to have both of them at the same

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