Aristophanes And Plato Compared To Socrates

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Aristophanes describes him as a impatient and narrow mind thinker and he also not consider Socrates as a teacher but just a normal thinker who tries to convey his ideologies in typical way. Aristophanes pointed Socrates as evil person who just try to be a great thinker and wanted to give their teachings to other. Aristophanes describes Socrates very ironically and revealed many controversial facts about him in his works.
But on the contrary Plato also describes Socrates in a very critical way and also portrayed as a very disputable way but he also Characterize him as a philosopher who give lot of contributions in the western philosophy.Plato consider his as a sophist because he was father of western philosophy and propounded many theories and also gives many doctrines which also known as Doctrine of Socrates but as same as Aristophanes he describes him as an ironic person who does not believe in God.
Socrates was stirred in so many controversies and had put to death by jury of five hundred member just because he did not admit his faith in God when he was accused by his fellow. He was sentenced to death by Athenian court just because he did not believe in the faith of God and he was refuse to identify God. Poison was given to him to give him death.
These were the depictions which were critically characterized by the Aristophanes and Plato in context of Socrates disbelief in God's faith.
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