Aristotle And Happiness

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Human desires are unlimited and constantly emerge in us and continually replacing with other desires. Human beings are providentially managed for their own sake and made their own choice. Human wants are seemingly insatiable so man would crave anything that can provide pleasure to itself and this may go on without limit. If this is the case, since human desires are endless, people would lose their abilities to desire eventually and no longer interested in or motivated to do anything. Hence, human beings are in pursuit of the good should be an ultimate end. In most cases, many think honour, pleasure or wealth is the best good because these are the factors that can bring them happiness and so does all other goods. Therefore, Aristotle proposed that the best good is happiness since it ends in itself.
Human beings have a natural desire and ability to understand the truth and behave rationally, which differentiate us from other animals and plants. The function of human beings is to act virtuously in accordance with reason and this explains why we are constantly obliged to behave in a particular way. The main purpose of this function is to allow humans to make its own preference according to its desires. A good …show more content…

According to Aristotle, only virtuous humans could achieve happiness through rational activity if happiness is not a gift from god. Everything on earth is generally shared between humans, animals and plants and Aristotle discarded nutrition and growth in order to distinguish them. Human beings shared some sort of perceptual living with an ox, horse, and other animals, but they do not share the same sort of practical living with reason. Therefore, Aristotle considered children are too young to understand rationality and virtue, while animals are not capable of rational activity. Hence, horse, ox, and every animal are disregarded as

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