Aristotle and Hobbes on the Nature of Man

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Why do men do what they do? Do some just have the right natural morals or do they just have a beast within their chest. To know the true facts of how the world of the boys, in Lord of the Flies turned from utopia in to a dystopia the reader must understand what Natural Actions of Men are. Therefore the introductions of Aristotle’s theory of Natural Man vs. Hobbes’s theory of Natural Man are placed on characters within the novel. Aristotle lays down two key ideas with in his theory of “Human Nature”. The first idea is the ethnic qualities of man, which included the features of thought and body and is a development for contemplative excellence. The Second part of this theory is Aristotle gives the outlook that life with contemplations is the basis of a truly good life. This includes his views of how human incentives and the role of one’s qualities will lead one to living the good life. In “The Politics” Suzie Sparague introduces Aristotle’s well thought out argument, in which Aristotle argues that specific conceptions of “Human Good.” At the same time as the reader gets to this part of the book he/she is probably wondering what Aristotle means by human good. Human good as seen through the eyes of Aristotle is the ability to be morally sound, or to be just in the actions we make as humans. May Hope states almost the same thing from the book “Aristotle's Ethics: Moral Development and Human Nature.” She along with the arguments of Sparague states that Aristotle’s theory

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