Aristotle 's Views On Happiness

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Aristotle argues that the most important thing in peoples lives is the virtue of happiness. He writes that one attains happiness by living a life of virtue - "our definition is in harmony with those who say that happiness is virtue, or a particular virtue; because an activity in accordance with virtue implies virtue. Indeed, we may go further and assert that anyone who does not delight in fine actions is not even a good man."(Aristotle) A life of virtue implies a life of reasoning for the end goal of doing what is good. Human good is fulfilling and most desirable, therefore human good in life correlates with virtue. Happiness is a belief. Similar to other beliefs, it is prone to contain fallacies and delusions. Aristotle says that happiness is an end, or the result of things a person does. The majority of our actions are performed in order to achieve something else, but happiness is different. A happy person is someone that believes that he or she contains everything they really need in life. They have the virtues they need to know their potentials. Open knowing their potentials they achieve happiness. Aristotle says that the happy person doesn 't want anything more. Happiness is achieved in itself and never by means of something else. Aristotle says that the quality of being happy doesn 't coincide with the quality of pleasure. he also say that it doesn 't have anything to do with honor because honor depends not on the person rather what other people think of the

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