Aristotle's Conception To The Definition Of Happiness

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Happiness is what one defines as a set limit of true enjoyment. We all have our own kinds of happiness whether it is in the state of mind or a plan of action. Most of humanity cheerfulness will not match because of their clarity of life but there may be some similar steps to get to the point in which appeal to their form of happiness. Aristotle touched a lot of key concept to the definition of happiness which proves that we all have a different understanding of what is expected as happiness. Aristotle defines happiness as the virtue of good and desirable of people. Aristotle think everything we do in life as humans have a greater purpose. According to Aristotle articles, whether you realize it at the moment or not the things you do have a greater…show more content…
which is basically question a person version of happiness. some people believes that drugs are the trigger to their happiness the thing that gives them that emotional and mental joy. Drug may be a form of happiness but the after effect of them makes it understandable of why it should be ban even if it is a question of some people idea of happiness. I think it is okay if people version of happiness intersects as long as it is in a positive light, when it comes to drugs its mostly predicted not positive because of the actions of many people when they are not on the right state of mind. I personally side with Aristotle version of happiness were one seeks what pleasurable and desirable to them and the desire that makes them happy.
Aristotle describes happiness as the aim of every actions. Aristotle touched on all point of happiness in which he thinks generate an individual happiness. It is the human nature to do something because it will or may lead to making them in the end whether they know it or not, the greater purpose of their work is usually to have that smile of gratification. “for the former think it is some plain
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Understanding the Ethic in practice book about legalizing and decriminalizing is very persuasive. They are using the human right as individuals to argue their point, which is do as they please with their body that I can comprehend because we all have the basic rights. I agree with the fact that people have the right to consume drugs if they choose to do so because it is their form of happiness but I like Aristotle said real happiness must be virtuous and good, the concept which is why I believe it is wrong and shouldn’t be legalize. When someone consume drugs they don’t have as much control over their body they tend to do things without rationalizing things out first because they are not in the right start of mind. Doing drugs is an act of choice which means there is a time and place for it. I believe the problem with drugs wouldn’t be as big as it is today if people who are consuming it are doing it at the right place and right time but since they are not doing it the right place o right time I should be taken away as a whole. The wrong people are also consuming drugs like mother, teenager and even preteens as well, that is an early damaging to the body and also shortening the development of their life. for example, a pregnant mother shouldn’t consume drugs, there should be a punishment to a mother that consume drugs while pregnant because they are affecting the life of an unborn child “cocaine can harm the fetus
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