Armenian Genocide Essay

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The Armenian Genocide was one of the worst planned killings in history taking over one and half million lives. First having disputes with the Turkish government in 1894, Turkish military officials, soldiers and ordinary men sacked Armenian villages and cities and massacred their citizens. This is also known as the Armenian Holocaust. Being part of a religious minority in the region the Armenian people were seen as inferior to the Muslims and having very few political and legal rights. Issues increased during World War One when Ottoman religious authorities began a holy war against all christians expect their allies. Turkish military leaders began to think if the Allies won that the Armenians would turn and fight for them. As the war continued …show more content…

The monument is a symbol of respect to the people showing the history of the Genocide and raising the awareness around it. We did not have a target audience as the memorial is for both people part of the genocide as well as people who want to learn about it. The pathway is lined with birch trees on either side with white tulips in front of it. These trees show the strict control the soldiers had as they marched the prisoners to be executed, surrounded with no way out. To the left of the pathway is a white building with the Armenian flag embroidered on the floor. This is to symbol patriotism and give the emotion of remorse to the people affected by the genocide. People can pay a small fee to have their names engraved onto the stones. Outside the main building is a garden with the flowers planted in order of the flag. The waterfalls compliment the flowers and the walkway to give an emotion of peace and hope before entering the building. The first one in the garden shows “never ending tears” with the lasting effect the genocide has had on people. This is used as a prayer area for people looking to be at peace with the past. The pathway going inside memorial symbolizes the long marches that the captured civilians would take heading into the prisons. Inside the building after walking down the hallway you see straight ahead the Armenian flag spanning the wall. This is shown as a

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