Army. Corrective Training for Infractions Essay

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I cant really give any detailed information as to how the unit is affected by my tardiness. When I am not where I am supposed to be at the appointed time with any pre-approved reason, my first line supervisor has to give an account for me. He has to call me to find out where I am at and why wasn't I at my assigned place of duty. On one occasion, SSG Ambriz came to my house because she couldn't reach me by phone. I'm sure it's frustrating having to forsake her own duties to chase down grown people. That happened only once and will never happen again. It was embarrassing when a small Hispanic woman who's younger than me scolds me at my house in front of my family for not coming to work. I am affected more so, I think, than my family because I have to explain to my wife what's happening and reassure her that it must of been some misunderstanding and not to worry. It also reflects negatively towards my peers. I think the army is like a long chain. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. No one wants to be a weak link. Everyone wants to be positively recognized and admired for their good deeds. I am no exception. I would like to be promoted and awarded medals and praise. It's difficult to put confidence into someone that can't meet the most basic standards. THE IMPORTANCE OF ACCOUNTABILITY IN THE ARMY I think accountability is important in the army. First and foremost, I think everyone must be accountable for themselves and their

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