Arno Michaelis And Diana Ratcliff's Hamlet : An Analysis

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Arno Michaelis and Diana Ratcliff both share a common passion in ending racism and its outposts within modern society.. However, they approach this issue indistinct ways. Arno Michaelis in his political op-ed I learned the hard way how to stop hate using a personal experience to help highlight this concept. While Diana Ratcliffe in Heather Heyer’s cousin:Racism will get worse unless we stop it now uses an essay format to accomplish her objectives In terms of comparisons these essays both share a very common key message. The idea that racism needs to subside. Michaelis uses Charlottesville to accomplish this, “As the dust settles in Charlottesville, many Americans want to know what we as a society can do about this disheartening situations.”( Michaelis), through using Charlottesville he is able to demonstrate a present day issue. This as a result allows the reader to sympathize to his cause. Ratcliff similar to Michaelis attempts to draw the reader in by using a similar strategy, “We need to stop referring to what happened in Charlottesville as a clash between the "alt-left" and the "alt-right." The majority of the counter protesters were concerned residents of Charlottesville, not a fringe political group. (Ratcliffe), this directly references the reader. The resulting effect of calling out to the reader is an extra level of communication. It helps her to choose where to place the reader therefore increasing the persuasion element. The use of Charlottesville in the two
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