Arrow Experiment to Show Durability

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This project will find out Which Arrow is more durable. The test will be how many times the arrow can shot and fired at a cinder block. The arrows will be measured from the front of the arrow before the shooting to the fletchings. Then after being fired they will be measured from the break to the fletchings. The arrows that will be used are aluminum, carbon, and wood. The bow will be at 45 pounds. The shot will be at 20 yards. The arrows are just as good all together they will break.

The carbon arrow is not a significant weight difference when comparing arrows of similar spine strength.Carbon arrows can splinter on contact. Carbon arrows are too light to adequately penetrate large game animals. carbon arrows are always straight. If the facts are correct the arrow this arrow will be the first to brake. carbon arrows boast consistent weights that register within - 1 grain, and the advantage of composite materials becomes even more impressive. Some carbon arrows don't have as much durability as the aluminum arrows.carbon arrows are increased shaft strength, reduced weight and better target penetration. Lower-cost pultruded arrows can shatter on impact or from rotation, such as from twisting to remove from a target. Also the arrows will shatter if the poundage is too strong. popularity by carbon arrows, due to carbon arrows' straightness and durability. The carbon arrow will most likely shatter as it hits the cinder block leaving a splintery surface.

Aluminum arrows
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