Arrow Of God And Smoke Signals

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Arrow of God and Smoke Signals have similar patterns of fiction, archetypes and philosophies. If you notice Campells typical hero sequence of actions can be detected in both Arrow of God and Smoke Signals. “There is a certain typical hero sequence of actions which can be detected in stories from all over the world from many periods of history. Essentially, it might even be said there is but one archetypal mythic hero whose life has been replicated in many lands by many people.”(Archetypes pg 6) This sequence is made apparent in Arrow of God. The birth of Ezeulu is unusual because he is born into priesthood. This priesthood later requires him to travel to Okperi. While in Okperi, Ezeulu confronts his ego simultaneously while conflicting with the imposing British Government. Ezeulu then returns to Umuaro having been reborn psychologically.
Campells typical hero sequence holds truth in Smoke Signals as well. Victor’s unusual birth in Smoke Signals is symbolic; he is saved from a tragic house fire as a young baby. This house fire is the same event that drives his father away from the Coeur d 'Alene Indian Reservation. Inevitably this later requires Victor to leave home and confront his ego while retrieving his father’s remains.
In both Arrow of God and Smoke Signals the events after the heroes’ birth are considerably unusual. This unusual birth is later the motive for the hero to leave home which ultimately results in the heroes confronting their egos. The heroes then return
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