Ars Poetica Poem Analysis

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Ars Poetica
A poem can be “wordless” (7) by writing a poem with words that each have a meaning and purpose, in addition that delivers an experience to the reader. Furthermore, a poem can be “motionless in time” (15) by writing a poem which meaning and structure will remain timeless and will not age.
This poet’s philosophy of poetry is that one’s work should remain timeless, and be read in the future without becoming out of style. By stating that a poem should not “mean” (23) and “true” (18), the poet is trying to state that a poem must be the representation of the meaning, and not necessarily true, but the equivalent of getting the message across.
Suggestions For Writing
E. Both “The Whipping” and “My Papa’s Waltz” qualify in poetry being that both employ the use of the theme of parental issues, through rhyme. In addition, both poems use the poetic device of assonance.
The assertion “ A poem should not mean/But be” (23-24) relates to a. Williams, “The Red Wheelbarrow”, being the poem embodies the wheelbarrow and the meaning revolves around the wheelbarrow, rather than a poem containing a meaning about the wheelbarrow.
Chapter Two Introduction Notes
To fully understand a poem one should read it multiple times
One should always use a dictionary when having trouble understanding a word and should expand one’s vocabulary
To fully understand poetry one should read it with voice and lip-read it
One should pay attention to the poem as a whole to all its elements and meaning

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