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Art is how you express yourself, and everyone does it in their own way, in their own style. I chose to write about the two following art works because I believe they have so many similarities but are done in completely different ways. For this comparison and contrast assignment the two works of art I chose to write about are called; End “Mixed Media” by: Terry Peterson,shown in the art building at Shasta College, and Forlakeph “Mixed Media in a Glass Jar” by: Gioia Fonda, also shown in the art building at Shasta College. In the First work of art, End by: Terry Peterson; It is a tall sculpture with a frame of wood standing at 103”x 108”x 60” in the middle of the sculpture is a wrapped mummified fish as the centerpiece. I would describe it as Ritualistic because of the symbolism of the fish. Being mummified like other cultures, like the Egyptians, who mummified their dead. The elements I see containing in this work would be; shape, how the circle goes around the fish to highlight it. Line, the different wood pieces and how it frames the fish. In my opinion, this …show more content…

Inside a old weathered fence and is surrounded by a bunch of trash. The function of this artwork would be social commentary because of the realisticness of the society that we could all be in.The elements I see in this art work are; color, all the colors above the fence from the circles, and the different colored trash making it look more messy. shape, because of the circles above the fence and it is enclosed in a circular jar, line because of the fence, and form because the artwork is inside the jar. A principle of art for this work of art may be focal point because of its one theme is enclosed in a jar. Another function might be scale because even though it is a smaller piece of artwork the impact of it could be big. In my opinion; this work reminds me of a realistic, dark and broken society. Somewhat of

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