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Hello Mrs. Pyrum, I hope to have a good year with you! I’m glad I’m in your class for Global humanities. It’s really exciting to get a fresh start and I hope I’m able to do well. There is a lot I’ve heard about high school from my friends and relatives. I’m thrilled for the clubs that Cactus offers; I didn’t take the chance to join any extra clubs in middle school except one year of Art club. Student council is something I’m really looking forward to, I had the opportunity to join at both of my middle schools but I never acted on that urge to join. I’m hoping to have a fun time and learn more about myself in these 4 years, I want to get good grades and be someone who everyone knows is reliable. I ended up getting all honors, so …show more content…

My life isn’t the most normal situation since I don’t have anyone but my parents out here in Arizona with me, but it’s definitely not completely crazy either. I try not to let home life interfere with school, so I’m not going to write much about it in this letter. I’ve said before though, I have a family member dealing with some serious medical issues, and I hope it’ll never interfere with my work, but I’ll be sure to let you know if something has happened and it’s affected my school schedule/work. It wasn’t too long ago when this happened, but a very difficult moment for me in my life happened at home in July. I had just gotten back from Chicago, and it was a very weird travelling summer overall, but my dad left just a couple days after I got back, leaving me stuck with my mom and my uncle who is staying with us for a couple of months. He is a painter and so is his older brother, he went back to Chicago for a week and a half because his had work for him. My uncle, my dad's younger brother, and I don't really get along because he likes to bother me by standing in my room doing nothing or mess with my animals. My mom got sick after my dad left so I had to take the adult role of the house, nothing I'm not already used to, but it was very stressful for me because I don't have good patience. Since my dad wasn't home, I was getting frustrated way more easily than normal because I knew I didn’t want to have any problems escalate or not be able to enjoy myself. That caused me to get really flustered and I'd get angry at my mom not listening to me to lie down and get rest since she was sick along with having to watch my uncle to keep him out of trouble too. I ended up getting through it all fine in the end nonetheless I was stoked to have my dad back at home when he returned. Usually I can handle watching the house a lot better, but my uncle wears on me a lot. I ended up learning that getting frustrated wasn't the best way to

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