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An Artist at heart.

The artesian field of work is not for everyone, it is generally a skilled trade learned throughout the years, or it could be a natural talent. For those with an artistic flare, like I, it can provide a deeper meaning and inner satisfaction, with the desire to evolve artistically. In entrepreneurship, the art field is dependent on demand and sales of one’s own specialty product or service in order to be successfully lucrative. However, I can expand my career possibilities within this field of work easily by being flexible and using my work experience in combination with my natural talent and education in Art as my background. Companies of all sizes often search for skilled candidates to perform these types of artesian …show more content…

However, an artist’s financial security will always be determined by demand. In the article “Tomorrow’s Jobs” posted by the, it is states, “Demand for various goods and services determine employment in the industries providing them.” The demand can also be the ability to reach the consumer who will purchase the various goods or services. According to these statistics, the service providing industries shifting from goods to service is expected to continue constantly and account for 18.7 million from new wage to salary jobs. It goes on to explain that, “Occupational employment opportunities, in turn result from demand for skills needed within specific industries.” This information provides that as long as there is a demand there will be employment even in such as the art …show more content…

Department of Labor, it seems that I have made a good choice for my future. The employment in retail trade is expected to increase by 11 percent due to population and personal income growth. Consumers will demand more goods, thus, I project more custom window decorating. According to their website at, the decorating field median income is approximately $54,620 a year. While a studio artist is only $44,380. This gives me the security and stability I need for my family.

Finding a career that you actually love is one of the most important choices you will make in your lifetime. If you are able to use your natural talent and skills in the realm of your interest, you will be more satisfied and successful in your field of work. I have the opportunity to use all of my work experience in combination with art now. Even though I am not painting, I am still able to create new textile designs working with thousands of palettes of colors and patterns. I have truly found a happy balance in my position as a decorator

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