Arthur Drayton Anderson And His History With Mass Media

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Arthur Drayton Anderson
And His History with Mass Media

Growing up in the Holler of Gumfork at the food of Anderson Mountain in the Appalachians of Tennessee, Arthur Drayton Anderson, born September 13, 1948, did not have all of the luxuries other family may have had at the time. It was a forty-five minutes spell to the nearest sign of civilization, and coming out of the Great Depression, Arthur’s family was more concerned about putting food on the table than any form of entertainment. Suppertime was the most important time of the day for the Anderson family—no one would dare miss it, which is why Arthur stuck out so much to his family when he discovered his love of bluegrass music.
I had the opportunity to interview Arthur about how mass media, in the form of sound recordings, radio, television, and movies had affected his life. Arthur, who is my father-in-law, reflected back on his childhood as a difficult time that was mostly a struggle to survive. The families main lively hood was whatever they could hunt to eat: deer, rabbit, squirrel, and polecats were the regular meals on the family table, so when I started to talk about media during his childhood, Arthur did not have much to say. However, like most American’s during the 1950s, media did have a much larger impact than what is expected.

Sound Recordings

The Anderson family did not have a record player in their home—it was simply a luxury they could not afford, so it was not until 1969, after Arthur got home from…
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