Arthurwood History Vs Hollywood

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History vs. Hollywood: The Scarlet Letter (1995) Though not an actual historical event I chose the Scarlet Letter as I found the way of Puritan life very interesting. Now to pose the real question; How well was Hollywood able to accurately portray Puritan society in the 1995 adaptation of the Scarlet Letter? Through the views of women, the formation of government, and the laws depicted in the movie Hollywood did in fact make an accurate representation of Puritan society in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The Scarlet Letter is the story of Hester Prynne as narrated by her daughter Pearl. The year is 1666 in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, where there is an uneasy truce between the local Puritans and the Algonquian tribe whose Chief Metacomet has recently succeeded his father Massasoit. Hester arrives from England with the purpose of finding and setting up a house for herself and her husband, Roger Prynne, who is to follow shortly after. While awaiting her Husband’s arrival she meets and falls in love with a young minister, Arthur Dimmesdale. Knowing that they could be hanged for their feelings Arthur and Hester avoid each other for the summer, but consummate their love when it emerges that Roger has likely been killed during the massacre of the Intrepid by the Tarentines. Hester finds herself pregnant with Dimmesdale’s child and is imprisoned for her indiscretion after Goody Gotwick testifies against her and she refuses to name the father of her child. Arthurs intends

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