Article 25 - Maltese Online Casino Scandal Deepens

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Article 25 – Maltese online casino scandal deepens

Malta has arguably been the home of online casino gaming for the better part of two decades. Low taxation and lax regulation make it a haven for online casino companies who want to operate on a budget. However, the days of the easy life have been put under threat by a growing scandal that is shaking the foundations of the online casino industry in Malta.

Malta is a known haven for offshore online casino companies, but the Maltese government is clearly looking to bring an end to the Wild West nature of industry. Six companies have now had their assets claimed through the government operation, as the Malta Gaming Authority continues to suspend operators who have links to the ongoing corruption. The latest crackdown has come from Italian shores, as concerns were raised over how several online casino gaming companies were being not only operated, but how they were being financially supported. Money laundering accusations were made, which has led to the enforced closure of Fast Run Ltd, Betsolution4U Limited, Uniq Group Limited (also known as Betuniq), Tebaral Trading Ltd, and Tebaral Holding Ltd. All assets of such companies have been seized as the European issued warrant has allowed the Malta Police Force to investigate connections between Malta’s online casino landscape and the Calabria mafia.

Rumours of corruption within the world of Malta based online casino gaming definitely aren’t new, but this is the first time that…

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