Article Analysis: Counter Terrorist Operation in Chechnya Officially Ended

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The fallout from the collapse of the Soviet Union over twenty years ago has brought many changes that still resonate in today's world. The balkanization of the Soviet State has created many new relationships and alliances that were not present through most of the twentieth century. The article entitled " Counter Terrorist Operation in Chechnya Officially Ended" although written nearly three and half years ago, captures the confusion and difficult processes that accompany a global power's collapse like that of the Soviet Union. The purpose of this essay is to examine the current stability of Chechnya and its future prospects as a stable and effective nation state. A more recent profile of Chechnya captured by Rosenberg (2012) painted a picture of cautious optimism for this region. Rosenberg suggested that current president Razman Kadyrov, the son of the former slain leader of this region, has performed a balancing act that puts his nation's people and the interests of big brother Russia in a critical position. Civil war and multitudes of rebellious factions have wrecked havoc in Chechnya in a power struggle. Chechnya's Islamic traditions also play into this relationship as well causing further stratification over the different people's of this nation. The end of Russia's counter-terrorist measures has allowed for Kadyrov to assume more independence and gain control over this region. Rosenberg suggested however that this may have come at a certain costs: " human rights

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