Article Analysis: Heart Failure in Minority Groups

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Article Analysis: Heart Failure in Minority Groups Bibbins-Domingo et al. (2009) conducted an empirical examination into rates of heart failure among young adults. The article outlines the unfortunate fact that there is little empirical knowledge regarding the rates of heart failure within the young adult populations. This knowledge is even worse when it comes to examining minority populations, especially within the African American community that is increasingly vulnerable to heart conditions. With heart failure and other cardio conditions being such a prevalent problem in the United States, it is imperative that current discourse understand it much more than we do now. Thus, the purpose of this study was to better document and analyzes the incidences of heart failure in young adults, as to better describe any patterns or correlations within the group that would help provide better information. The overall hypothesis of the study was that African American populations were more likely to be vulnerable at this younger stage than their white counterparts. To meet this purpose, the study implemented an empirical study that examined heart failures of 5115 African American and white young adults, ages 18-30, over a period of 20 years. Results clearly showed that African American youth were at a much higher rate of early heart failure, as the study showed that out of the participants 27 had heart failure and 26 of those individuals were African American. This lead the study to
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