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Fake News
Among the rights and freedoms that are elaborately defined and protected by the First Amendment is the right to freedom of speech and of the press. This presentation explores fake news as a phenomenon worth weighing on the basis of the provisions of the First Amendment.
To attempt to define the phrase, ‘fake news’ within the limited confines of the present task will not augur well with the overall quest to remain objective. But for purposes of this paper, fake news refers to the news that, to the extent that it can be corroborated, are laced with inconsistencies, inaccuracies, inordinate and generous depictions of realty, misleading and falsified news items. They are false statements of fact.
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At the same time, it is frivolous to presuppose that this constitutional protection is a blank check (Volokh, 2008). Indeed, the letter and spirit of the law was not to protect propagandist news tendencies. On the contrary, the rights and freedoms of the First Amendment must be enjoyed and/or exercised responsibly. A known legal cliché capture this aptly: in the exercise of your rights, do not violate or encroach on mine.
In summary, what the Founders (of the US) had in mind was the institution of a society where truth and reality wouldn’t be concealed by anyone. This, certainly, does not include the malicious, falsified, untruthful and misleading statements that can be used by anyone or any media outlet in achieving mischievous goals and objectives. In reaching that end, the First Amendment aptly captures the Founders’ vision to entrench the rights and freedoms into law.

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