Article: Resource Dilemma

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In a capitalistic society such as that of America, individual success is often put before that of the entire group. In many instances this behavior creates an atmosphere of competition within the group, ultimately elevating the performance of each individual. However, in some instances, the interests of the group clash with those of the individual. As occurred in the article, "Fishing Til the Pond is Empty" fisherman as a group had conflicting views with those of individual fisherman comprising the group. In one instance, individual fishermen want to capture as many fish as possible to earn the maximum amount of money. In another instance, the group suffers as the entire population of fish is quickly eroding away through greedy behavior. This contentious issue gives rise to the question: Is the group or individual interests more important? It is my contention that the group interests are by far soupier to those of the individual interests. The problem prevailing in the article is referred to as a "resource dilemma." This occurs primarily through a non renewable resource that is generally needed by the entire population. Examples include oil, coal, copper, gold, and so forth. Generally, as supply diminishes within these resources, the greater the resource dilemma becomes. As the resource becomes scarcer, individuals begin to put their own interests before those of the group. This individualism is often to the overall detriment of the group. This occurs periodically
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