Article Review : ' This Doctor Does Not Want You ' By Alice Park

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Basic Publishing Information

The article entitled “This Doctor Does Not Want To See You” by Alice Park was published on Thursday, June 11, 2009 in print. The article was published in U.S. TIME magazine, subcategorized in a health issue containing the expose collection entitled “How Not To Get Sick”. Due to the articles age, it was accessed for this assignment using the archives of TIME magazine online. TIME magazine online is an electronic resource which archives from TIME magazine’s print copy, thus online articles are now published daily while the print version is circulated monthly. Reporter Alice Park is a TIME’s writer with specialization on “Breaking frontiers of health and medicine” (Unknown).

Article Issue

The issue covered within the article is the price versus cost of U.S. health care and alternative methods of care, including their successes and costs with focus on the work of The Cleveland Clinic. The angle of coverage includes views of Cleveland Clinic staff on methodology behind its focuses with commentary from Renee Turner (security staff and patient), Delos Cosgrove (CEO), and Dr. Michael Roizen (Chief wellness officer/anaesthesiologist). This commentary is used in comparison to health care statistics and facts provided by the U.S. National Database. The article is a special health report in an archived health issue entitled “How Not To Get Sick”, contributing to a compilation of five experts’ best advice for staying healthy throughout life. The article

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