Artificial Happiness In Brave New World

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“Citizens are happiest in a neon-lit, artificial environment where nature is as far as possible ignored.” In the Brave New World, happiness is found within something that could be considered fake and not ‘real.’ Everything within this society is produced and nothing is natural, to the point that humans are no longer born from a mother. This clearly means that happiness cannot come from anything other than consumer products and Huxley shows how this results in a society of citizens that are not truly happy. Fanny and Henry represent artificial happiness within Brave New World. These characters, both represent the ‘perfect' World State citizen as Huxley has formed these characters to continue to obey everything the World State believes in. They are both materialistic and each of them also treat humans like products, like when Henry was talking about Lenina to the Assistant Predestinator, "I'm surprised you haven't had her." This sounds like he is talking about some kind of food not talking about Lenina. Huxley developed such characters in this novel to illustrate to the audience of what the World State considered to be a ‘happy’ person and what the societal norms are. This allows readers to understand the true shallowness of their happiness and that it is found in artificial objects, not within anything of any value. Both characters are true products of the Brave New World production line and represent the true damage done by the conditioned society in which they live. Henry

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