Artificial Intelligence In Frankenstein By Riley Scott And Frankenstein

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In both Blade Runner by Riley Scott and Frankenstein by Mary Shelly, Shelly and Scott explore the topic of human made creation. Another word used to describe this phenomena is Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is basically something that humans have been striving to create which emulate human behavior, thoughts, and activity. AI, like other new forms of technology, is meant to make life easier for humans. For instance, once a computer gets to know its user, it will suggest certain things on search engines like Google. Technology, including AI, can also help store information, monitor trends, and even interact in such a way that it can make a positive impact on a hospital patient with a certain illness. With all of the possible positive impacts that AI can make on humans’ lives, there is also the fear that AI may do more harm than good to the human species. Ultimately, I will argue that the way AI is used, treated, and seen will ultimately determine its usefulness. In Blade Runner and Frakenstein, the creations end up becoming threats to humans because humans, including the makers of the creations, reject them. Depsite this, the creations still display morality that even surpasses that of many humans. First, the creators of AI as well as those that mistreat AI are at fault for whatever AI becomes. AI is comparable to a nuclear weapon, according to David D. Luxton, a research psychologist with a PhD, in his article Artificial Intelligence in Psychological Practice: Current
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