Arundhati Roy and Chi Li Slays the Serpent

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The First Weekly Essay

This week the author I read about that caught my attention was Arundhati Roy and the story of “Chi Li Slays the Serpent” also caught my eye. The two stories are alike because of their heroism about the situations they faced in the stories that I read. They knew there would be a fight of a lifetime and they were prepared to face any consequences that came with the territory. “The monster conquered you because you were too timid to put up a fight! How pitiful!” That was one of the quotes from the story that really grabbed my attention to how I feel about some of the women that let certain things go on in their lives such as abuse, or being misled for a long period of time. Well that was a short story and not enough to write about so in further reading I hope you enjoy the reading.
Arundhati Roy was born in 1961, her mother a Christian woman a native of Kerala and her father was Hindu from Bengal. Because of the divorce of her parents, Arundhati spent her early years in Aymanam with her mom. The influence of her childhood years are revealed her writings structurally and thematically. Arundhati’s mother was a prominent social activist who founded an independent school and taught Roy normally. Her mother’s teaching gave her the ability to follow her inner voice in her writings. She comment that “When I write, I never re-write a sentence because for me my thoughts and my writing are one thing. It’s like breathing I don’t re-breathe a

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