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  • Paradoxes Of Kerala Essay

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    “Gods Own Country”-In the Plethora Of Paradoxes Abstract The current paper traces the course of Kerala economy from the early historic period till date. It points out the paradoxes of Kerala economy in the amidst of high development .The economy despite the high growth suffers from some major weaknesses. The paper argues that Kerala has sufficient potential for faster economic development and growth in the context of globalized world and knowledge society, provided there should

  • Dance and Drama at the Kerala Kathakali Centre in South India

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    tradition which dates back to the 17th century and is currently the most important dance-drama from Kerala (a south Indian state). The famous centre in which this art form is performed is the Kerala Kathakali Centre (founded in 1990 in Kochi) and it describes itself as. This centre has seen performances broadcasted on the BBC, National Geographic and Discovery Channels which demonstrates its high reputation. Kerala, the region referred to as the birth place of Kathakali, The word Kathakali is literally translated

  • The God Of Small Things Essay

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    “And the air was full of Thoughts and Things to Say. But at times like these, only the Small Things are ever said. Big Things lurk unsaid inside.” ― Arundhati Roy, The God of Small Things INTRODUCTION The God of Small Things is a novel by Indian author Arundhati Roy. This novel is debut novel of Arundhati Roy and known for wining booker prize, one of the most prestigious awards in the English-language literary world. Roy started writing her first novel (The God of Small Things) in 1992 and novel

  • Pros Of Travancore Cements

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    PROMOTERS OF TCL Travancore cements limited started under M/s Essel pvt.Ltd.And in the year 1975 Kerala government took over the factory. The company started under the supervision of Mr. S Rudlinger.And the equity share holdings are 51.33% by Kerala Government,25% by Pyramid group of companies ,and the balance share held by general public. DISCOUNTS GIVEN BY TCL If above 250 kg purchasing is their company gives 10% cash discount of. 4% for the purchase. I n every month company gives 2% quantity discount

  • Financial Performance Review and Objective

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    A STUDY ON FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE OF MATHRUBHUMI PRINTIONG & PUBLISHING COMPANY LIMITED, CALICUT COMPANY PROFILE Mathrubhumi is one of the front-runners among the Malayalam newspapers. The first copy of Mathrubhumi was published on 18th of March 1923K. P. Kesava Menon, the prominent freedom fighter, as Editor and K. Madhavan Nair as Managing Director of it.In the beginning, the paper was published a week and had just one edition from Kozhikode (Calicut).Now with fourteen editions, including

  • Essay On Saree

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    SAREE Definition of Saree A saree is one of the most popular outfit worn by women since centuries in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Afghanistan. A saree is a strip of unstitched cloth. It can draped over body in different styles and it 4 to 9 meters long. Sarees are usually worn with petticoat wrapped it around the petticoat. Petticoat is for saree not to dropped down. In the end drape over the shoulder and pin it with the blouse. Blouse also has many design to stitch such as backless

  • The Main Attraction Of Kerala

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    India has 28 states in that I belong to Kerala. The main attraction of Kerala is the Ayurveda treatment. The state is famous because of decorated elephant and boat racing. Language Language is an essential part of everyday life. States within India have their own languages, more than 20 officially recognized languages are there in India including English, Hindi, Punjabi, Malayalam, Telugu, and Tamil etc. In that, English and Hindi are using for official purpose. I am familiar with different languages

  • Politics In The God Of Small Things By Arundhati Roy

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    major social issues is centrally concerned with the untouchables. Compulsions transcend the limits of party, ideology. These leaders act as any, other leader would irrespective of party. In it, Roy engages with the political legacy of communism in Kerala. Her satirical portrayal of E.M.S. Namboodiripad, the first Chief Minister and his party followers created many controversies. The novel is about politics. Through its various agencies, this politics exercises decisive influence over the lives of

  • Advantages And Contributions Of Handicrafts In India

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    acquiring and showcasing craftsmanship items through its 18 Kairali emporia spread all over India. The Artisans Development Corporation is offering help to artisans in the exchange of earthenware, copper, bronze, gold smithy, carpentry and so on. Kerala State Handicrafts Apex Cooperative Society (SURABHI)

  • Effects Of Wetlands On The Environment Essay

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    WETLANDS wetlands are defined as transitional land between terrestrial and aquatic systems where the water table is usually at or near the surface or the land is covered by shallow water. (Cowardin et al.,1979).Wetlands are one of the most productive life support systems in the world characterized with waterlogged soils and recognized for their unique role in regulating global biogeochemical cycles (Reddy and DeLaune, 2008). In the context of global biogeochemical budgets, it is the carbon (C)