As Frederick Douglass Narrates His Story Throughout This

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As Frederick Douglass narrates his story throughout this book, he talks a great deal about what happened to him as a child all the way to his adult life as being a slave in the United States. We all know that slavery is wrong and disgusting but the things I 've read opened up my mind to how a slave would feel. The pain of the whippings, cruelity and starvation is something we might not know exactly but the story behind it is worth understanding. The expriences and obstacles that he went through is what made him to be the man that is he today. It shows his point of view of what a slave would go through and to even being treated as if they weren 't even human themselves. The slaves in the United States didn 't have a age limit. From the…show more content…
Slaveholders would often use a woman for a breeder. The Master would either sleep with the woman of color or he would hire another man to breed children with her. Every children that she has given brith to is not another addition to the family but instead only to add onto the wealth of the Master. The more children there is the more slaves they will have to work for them. They were made just so others can earn money from them too and having more to trade is just exactly what they want. The children will then be raised to work in the plantations for their entire lives. “She was nevertheless left a slave-a slave for life-a slave in the hands of strangers; and in their hands she saw her children, her grandchildren, and her great-grandchildren, divided, like so many sheep, without being gratified with the small priviledge of a single word, as to their or her own destiny.” This quote is what Frederick describes his grandmother as saying that she has done a lot for her Master by giving him a lot of fortune through population of children. To be born in a world where you already have a difficult future in set for you is a cruel thing to do and it must also be for the mother who is letting their children enter in a world like that. It will not only affect them physically but also emotionally for the rest of their lives. In the beginning of the book, Frederick talks about a horrible situation that he experienced
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