As I Lay Dying By William Faulkner

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As I Lay Dying
William Faulkner
Entry 1
Beginning As I Lay Dying, I am already struggling with the dialect of the novel. This confusion is deepened because I had no prior knowledge of the characters and plot. There are many characters that Faulkner mentions in the first twenty five pages of the novels and so I was trying to connect the characters and find out who was who. Faulkner also constantly refers to Addie as “she”. This confused me at first because I didn’t know who Faulkner was referring to and how Addie was related to all of the other characters. I found that as long as I read very slowly and pay attention to detail, I can understand the language of the story better than I expected. I was able to connect all the characters and …show more content…

This is making the characters unrelatable so I hope that I improve on understanding the dialect of the novel.
Entry 3
I find that I am having trouble reading some characters narrations more than others. Cash’s narrations are the simplest to read as his thoughts are fairly straightforward to follow and his narration doesn’t move from one idea to another. Vardaman, Dewey Dell and Darl all have narrations that are difficult to follow because their thoughts move rapidly from one idea to another. Vardaman is a child and his narration is the most difficult to understand because of the childish manner it is written in. Dewey Dell also expresses very complicated thoughts. Dewey Dell begins her narration using only “he” to identify who she is thinking about. She also continually refers to herself and ‘him’ as a tub of guts. Darl is very thoughtful and his thoughts move from one topic to something completely different and so I find his narration very difficult to follow.
Entry 4
There have been many examples of animal symbolism in As I Lay Dying. I didn’t understand what Vardaman meant when he first says “my mother is a fish” (76) and later when Darl says “Jewel’s mother is a horse” (86). I went back in the novel and read about that the fish Vardaman caught was chopped to pieces and no longer recognizable. When Vardaman says his mother is a fish, Vardaman is saying that his mother is no longer recognizable to him

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