As Technology Has Evolved So Has The Way We, As A Society,

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As technology has evolved so has the way we, as a society, consume media. If we look back through history, we can see violent imagery portrayed in books and art. However, after some violent school shootings, people have attempted, and failed, to pin the blame on violent media and even predict if, and when, it will happen again. However if we look at the violent tragedies, and more specifically the people who have committed them, we can see other causes for this violence. Although it can cause issues, violence in media does not cause violent behavior because violence is an accepted part of society, not a single study has predicted shootings, and other factors, such as mental health, are to blame for violent behavior.
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We could say that violence in media mirrors our violence in society that we face. If we look at america as an example, our society was formed as a result of violent revolution and then after that experienced a rebellion early in it’s existence. As people moved west, they waged campaigns of genocide against native indians. (Newton, 6) Another fact about it is, murder, rape, and other violent crimes are prevalent in the world, all media violence does is inform people that it does exist instead of covering it up and pretending it does not happen. If we did censor violent media, we make the victims of real life violent crimes be compelled to hide it from everyone, only empowering the violent criminals. (Kaufman) We live in a violent society, art imitates the modes of life, not the other way around; It would be better for congress to clean that society than to clean up the reflection of that society. (Anderson and Bushman)
Not only that but researching the effect media violence has on a person is hard to do. Research in the field is mostly ill-conceived, poorly executed, and result driven (Castronova). It is mainly difficult to study because lab experimentation takes place in a entirely different environment than everyday life, where the effects might be divided by many factors such as distraction, converse, and other outside influence. So, in the end any simple statement on the subject obscures the complexity of the facts (Cutler). Edward

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