Ashes Short Story Theme

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Being faced with a win/lose situation can be a complicated task to be faced with, as someone always gets hurt in the process. In the story ‘Ashes’, Ashleigh is faced with a very complicated situation between her parents, that if executed improperly, can really mess up the connection Ashleigh has with her parents. Her mom has a teapot that is full of emergency cash, and Ashleigh’s father needs a couple hundred dollars to complete a project that he is working on. Her father brought up the fact that she could steal the money and give it to him for his project, and then he would get back the money with his project. The thing that is preventing Ashleigh from doing that is the fact that her parents are divorced, so that she would have to steal the …show more content…

Ashleigh has a very good relationship with her dad. In the text, it emphasizes that Ashleigh’s father likes to call her ‘Ashes’ which makes her feel special, like on page 1 where it says, “... he still called me Ashes.. that made me feel more special.” If Ashleigh feels very special around her father and has a very good relationship, that might make her dad’s side feel a bit more appealing. Another reason why is that Ashleigh’s dad compliments her and makes her life better because of the inspiration. On page 2 it states, “Last week he’d told me I should be an astronaut. The week before, a CEO of a fortune 500 company.” This adds to the last bit of reasoning, as a lot of inspiration might make the emotional connection stronger between Ashleigh and her father. Her mother does not have this sort of relationship with Ashleigh, which again, makes her dad’s side feel more appealing. To top all of that off, Ashleigh’s father is generous. The more generous and giving you are in general, the more likely people are to be lenient towards you. On page 2 it explains, “‘Can you afford it?’ I asked ‘For a special date with my daughter?...Of course…” No matter how much money you have, giving some of it up to make somebody’s day better is priceless. Even if it is just for a burger and fries with your …show more content…

If there will be little downtime in between when the money is used and when it is gained back. On page 2 it disclosed, “All I need to do is put together a little financing, and I will be set for life.” The money that Ashleigh’s dad needs is going to be made back supposedly very soon. If so, that means that there is a good chance that Ashleigh’s mother wouldn’t even notice that the money was gone. If more evidence is needed, Ashleigh’s dad went out and said it. Page 4 read, “I’d have the money in your hands no later than Friday.” That would make it very likely, assuming that all goes to plan, that the statement sould be true. Additionally, Ashleigh herself asked if she could help, not her father. This would explain that it was only a favor that she brought onto herself. The compensation was really just a kind of thank-you gesture towards Ashleigh if she takes up the offer. On page 3 it disclosed, “‘Can I help?’ I asked.” The burden of asking was not Ashleigh’s father, but on

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