Aspects Of Aaron Douglas's Contribution To The Social Realism Era?

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“... Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), which built dams and hydroelectric projects to control flooding and provide electric power to the impoverished Tennessee Valley region, and the Works Progress Administration (WPA), a permanent jobs program that employed 8.5 million people from 1935 to 1943”( Staff ). With regards to the Tennessee Valley Authority, economy began to rebuild itself in 1933 after President Roosevelt signed the TVA act on May 18. . After four years of reconstructing to create another life for the millions of people who lived in the working or poor class, several complications arose. In 1937, the Federal Reserve increased the money requirements to continue the process. Another occurred in 1938, but the Great Depression had ceased after 1940. He was an African American Harlem Renaissance artist born on May 26, 1899 and passed on February 2, 1979. His occupation painting and illustrating during the Social Realism era. Some of his more famous works include Aspects of a Negro Life, Opportunity, and The Crisis. Not only was he a major contribution to the Social Realism time period, but he was also famous for illustrations in books. Some of these include The New Negro by the philosopher Alain LeRoy Locke. Many of Aaron Douglas’ works portray silhouettes of African Americans during their progression for civil freedom. The silhouettes of slavery are more faded than those in the center plane, which is rising above, symbolizing the rise of African Americans
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