Aspen Dental Management Inc. Case Analysis

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Aspen Dental Management Inc. (ADMI) is a dental support organization that provides non-clinical business support services to independently owned and operated dental practices in approximately 33 states. Aspen Dental is one of the leading dental service group providers in the country especially in the northeastern region. Aspen Dental-branded practices in 2015 alone “recorded nearly 3.7 million patient visits and welcomed nearly 785,000 new patients (Aspen Dental, 2016). This model leaves independent, licensed practitioners free to concentrate on patient care. One of such licensed practitioner is Aspen Dental Stow Ohio (Aspen Dental, 2016).
Aspen Dental Stow, like any of its affiliates offers comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan for their …show more content…

According to Jessie Balmert the median household income in Ohio to include Stow was $48,081 in 2013 which is below the national average of $52,250 also “about 1.8 million Ohioans are living below the poverty threshold” (Balmert, 2014). Not only that many Ohioans that rely on Medicare and Medicaid for their health insurance might not be able to afford expensive dentures because it is not covered under Medicare and Medicaid. As the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services stated “Medicare does not make payment for the cost of dental appliances, such as dentures” (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, 2016). Lastly, insurance coverage for dental work such as dentures is usually minimal; hence there are generally high out-of-pocket costs for patients (Alderman, …show more content…

They are in partnership with Aspen Dental Management Inc. which provides non-clinical business support services to them and their customers. They are also in partnership with leading oral health product manufacturer such as Procter & Gamble which provides most of their supply needs (Aspen Dental, 2016). Their distribution strategy is clearly exclusive in nature. This is so because the dentures service they provided requires a high level of technical and medical knowledge and it’s all done in their on-site denture laboratory thereby excluding any intermediaries.
Aspen Dental Stow is a very customer focused and friendly practice. They always look out for the best interest of their customers particularly when it comes to offering them affordable service. They work with all kinds of “insurance providers and handles the paperwork, saving patients time and hassle, and offer free new-patient exams and X-rays for patients without dental insurance” (Aspen Dental, 2016). In order to eliminate unexpected bills and give their customer peace of mind they “offer a clear, detailed estimate on the cost of treatment” (Aspen Dental,

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