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  • Essay On Medicaid

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    Each state has their own policies for Medicaid eligibility, services and payments. Medicaid plans have three eligibility groups such as categorically needy, medically needy and special groups. Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is a program that offers health insurance coverage for uninsured children under Medicaid. If Medicaid does not cover a service, the patient may be billed if the following conditions have been met such as the physician informed the patient before the service was performed

  • Medicaid Expansion

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    In the article, “Report: Medicaid enrollment, costs swell under ObamaCare expansion,” Brooke Singman informs us about the future ObamaCare’s Medicaid will bring to the country. The cost for ObamaCare’s Medicaid is increasing which is causing budget problems to the states. Enrollments from able-bodied adults are increasing making the cost of Medicaid is a big issue. Singman explains the cause and effect that come with Medicaid. Singman uses good diction or word choice to connect her audience to the

  • Medicaid History

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    assistance for certain low income individuals and families. The program is known as Medicaid in 49 states and Medi-Cal in California. Medicaid was established to assist individuals in certain categories such as low income, disabled, pregnant, and the blind whose income levels are 200% below the federal poverty level or those families with income 50% higher than the state’s Medicaid eligibility threshold. The Medicaid programs are funded by federal and state contributions. The state has 3 options in

  • Medicaid Liability Report

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    Good morning, as you requested I have analyzed the qualifications for Medicaid. However, by the information that I was provided, it is unclear whether or not the patient is eligible for their services.  I need additional information such as the patient’s income, family size, age, proof of citizenship, and if he is part of certain programs to determine whether the patient qualifies for Medicaid. If the patient does qualify for Medicaid, then he has the choice of filling out an application either online

  • Medicaid Research Paper

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    4401089 Medicaid and Its effects in America PBHE112 Professor R. Vargas August 2014 Medicaid and Its Effects in America In this essay my intentions are not to describe in full the features of the Medicaid as an insurance program or to make standing revision of its budgetary or galenic form. Instead, I will compel a short recount on its original characteristics when it first started and the positive or negative performance the program provides its recipients in the United States population

  • Medicaid Case Study

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    mechanism for the ACA Medicaid expansion optional for states. Regardless of that decision, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has reduced the uninsured rate since its complete implementation in 2014. The original intent and projections were that all states were expected to expand Medicaid. However, after that Supreme Court decision, some states chose not to expand Medicaid. The central goal of the ACA remains to make affordable health insurance available to more people, Expand the Medicaid program to cover

  • Managing Medicaid For Children

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    Managing Medicaid for Children in the Behavioral Mental Health Systems When describing an adequate system of care for children in the behavioral mental health field, the first thing I think of is good access to care, care that is not expensive and care that is valuable and need. However, today, this is still not the case; we are currently, still transitioning into trying to achieve these. In fact, children 's needs for mental health services are not being met by the current delivery system and minority

  • Medical Insurance and Medicaid

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    Medicaid is a social health care program that covers nearly 60 million Americans, including children, pregnant women, seniors, parents and individuals suffering with disabilities. Medicaid is the biggest source of funding for health related services and medical needs for the people with low income in the United States. This program is funded jointly by the state and federal level governments, but it is the state’s responsibility to manage this program. The Medicaid program is not a required program

  • Expansion of Medicaid Essay

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    Expansion of Medicaid Name School Abstract On March 23, 2010, President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) into law, allowing all Americans access to affordable health care. Despite the urgent need to provide health care to all Americans some Governors and elected Congressmen continue to debate over the necessity to expand Medicaid and the ACA. The Supreme Court on June 28, 2012 ruled in support of the ACA by upholding the individual mandate which require Americans to have health

  • Medicaid Administrative Cost

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    Medicaid Administrative Costs - It is possible to obtain reimbursement for administrative activities directly related to Medicaid for either obtaining Medicaid coverage or assisting beneficiaries in obtaining care. To begin the process, there will need to be a discussion with the state Medicaid office and completion of several pieces of documentation before billing for costs can occur. It will require a written plan and documentation of time spent on the administrative activities. The two specific