Research Paper On Asperger's Disorder

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This work is built around a topic that is sum interest to me due to the incidence of cases within the different social fields. It 's a syndrome whose classification is relatively new and as such requires a comprehensive approach for a better management of the condition. Asperger 's disorder owes its name to Hans Asperger who was the first to discover a group of children with traits very particular, mainly characterized by the absence of empathy, reduced ability to social relations, solitary conversations, a deep attachment to a special interest, and clumsy movements. However the person who presents it has no alterations in the appearance, in its capacity of intelligence and often displays skills in restricted areas. This disorder …show more content…

However, this disorder remained forgotten until 1992 when Dr. Lorna Wing, a psychiatrist of the United Kingdom begun to investigate on it, until then, it was called "Autistic psychopathy". Despite all this, Asperger disorder was officially recognized for the first time in the diagnostic Statistical Manual of mental disorders, until the publication of the Fourth Edition in 1994, (DSM-IV). Asperger 's disorder is generally considered a form of autism, and is nowadays described as a disorder within the pervasive developmental disorders, judging as the more moderate part and with highest level of functioning of autistic spectrum disorders.

The person who presents looks normal, normal intelligence capacity, often skilled in restricted areas, but has troubles relating to others and sometimes presents inappropriate behaviors. As well as other conditions recorded in the spectrum, it is believed that Asperger 's disorder is a developmental disorder with neurological basis, in most of the cases is unknown where comes from. There are deviations or abnormalities in three main aspects of development:

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