Assess The Importance Of Awareness In The Classroom

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To make teaching effective, you need to ensure that inclusive learning is ubiquitous within the classroom, irrespective of the diversity within your classroom. The pupils within a classroom that are categorized under ‘special educational needs’ (SEN) depend on the way you, as a professional, implement strategies in order for them to make the necessary progress. Therefore, the impact of poor awareness for particular pupils needs can have a detrimental effect on their progress, leading to potential issues of pupil marginalization or academic failure, which, unfortunately, are the issues currently faced in schools up and down the country. Teaching and learning needs to stop being something only reaches most learners in the classroom, to one that develops the learning opportunities for each pupil in the classroom (Florian & Linklater, 2009).…show more content…
In the publication ‘Action Research for Inclusive Education’, Mary Clifton (2010) states “ Pupils’ individual identities need to be reflected in the school environment and curriculum, and the diversity of students’ lives and cultures
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