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Assignment 1, The Value of Failure in Leadership Trenise S. Palmer Dr. Laura Poluka MGT 550, Leadership Strategies October 24, 2014 Failure is something that we cannot go through life without experiencing. The best thing about failure is that failure can be used as a great learning experience to improve upon things in our lives and career. Using failure as a learning tool is dependent upon the person and how they view it as well as how they use it. Failure is a matter of perspective and the lessons in failure are important aspects towards growth and development. If we did not experience failure there wouldn’t be opportunities for learning. Failure can teach us about ourselves as well as provide an understanding for our …show more content…

They have a strong sense of communication skills and engage people into their own vision. The have a clear understanding that people are unique and they encompass the role of mentor and or coach to the people around them. They are considered to be change agents and they encougare the people around them to be the same. They provide intellectual stimulation by encouraging curiosity, discovery, dialogue and debates so that the best ideas can emerge. Transformational leaders are a role model to people with and are said to posses a high degree of integrity and ethics, wit clear and consice understandings of their values (Inam, 2014). In times of uncertainty and failure I believe that a transformational leader would inspire performance and creative behaviors in their employees to meet the emerging needs of their organization. I believe that the transformational leader would have the ability to motivate his or her employees and inspire them to trust and be loyal employees. Additionally, I think that a transformational leader would continue to maintain daily operations and continue to stimulate their employees to perform with confidence to achieve the goal and meet the standards of the organization. As I discussed earlier in my writtings, I think that failure cannot be avoided and we are presented with failures to gain an opportunity to learn. Failures will be an aspect at some point professionally and or personally so that we can grow and develop as

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