Assignment 1 Review of Accounting Ethics

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Assignment 1 Review of Accounting Ethics Strayer University Financial Accounting ACC 557 May 1, 2013 Assignment 1 Review of Accounting Ethics Imagine trusting your hard-earned money like your retirement savings to a financial adviser or Certified Public Accountants (CPA) only to lose it all in a fraudulent Ponzi scheme. In today’s world of business many organizations, financial planners and accountants are in the news due to the financial ethical breaches that have affected their customers, employees, and the general public. A CPA has to be responsible for their audits and take any punishments as a result of their mistakes, incompetence or illegal actions. CPAs are expected to have integrity in their work, …show more content…

All of that money is assumed to be gone”. Others try to pinpoint just how did Mr. Madoff lose all of that money? Most really don’t know and can’t say for sure. According to the Wall Street Journal, Mr. Madoff indicated that he traded stocks and options through European counterparties, instead of his own trading firm,. But the records reveal that investigators don’t believe that to be true. There is no evidence that Mr. Madoff lost or made large sums of money on good or bad trades, or that he traded at all. In some recent cases of spectacular losses, the causes were clear. There were wrong-way bets on oil prices, for instance, or mortgages that turned out to be toxic, but there is no indication that Mr. Madoff made any such bets. Nor are there signs that he simply wasted the money on a lavish life style. While he did enjoy a lifestyle of the rich and famous life, he owned a stock-trading business that could have provided him with enough money to fund it. Many have asked if there is any money left over to repay all of the swindled investors. Since most don 't know if he lost any money or how much he ever had, investigators don 't know what might be leftover, or where it might be. Investigators in the SEC and in the Securities Investor Protection Corp. are looking for the money by trying to follow the money trail. However it is probably safe to say if he was smart enough to outsmart thousands of investors out of their money, he is probably smart

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