Assignment : Issues Involved In Food Contamination And Sanitation

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Issues involved in food contamination and sanitation

Contamination of food at any stage from production to consumption will produce bacteria, parasites, toxins eventually causing food-borne diseases. While contamination is not performed as a practice, it can happen naturally or as a result of environmental factors such as heat and humidity etc. Bad food hygiene and sanitation, mishandling of food along the food production chain add up to the food-borne diseases outbreak on a large scale.
Food contamination can occurs at four stages i.e., production, processing, distribution, and preparation. Here are some of the illustrations how contamination can occur at various stages.
In production stage,
• If contaminated water is used for irrigation, yield can be contaminated.
In processing stage,
• Peanut butter gets contaminated when roasted peanuts are stored in unclean condition.
In distribution stage,
• Leaving frozen food out in room temperature for longer period of time during transportation, would help in growth of bacteria.
In preparation stage,
• If the workers at the production unit are sick or using unwashed hands after use of toilets can cause contamination of food.
Further mishandling of food, such as undercooking or leaving it out in unsafe environment, can cause an illness. Pathogens grow quickly in food kept in room temperature. Reheating or boiling food after it has been left in room temperature for a long time does not always make

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