Assisted Suicide And The United States

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In today’s society it is taught that life is a precious gift and to cherish every second that is allowed, but what if it is full of endless pain and misery? Starting hundreds of years ago in Ancient Greece up until modern times with Doctor Kevorkian, physician-assisted suicide, and euthanasia are all highly debated topics that cause both legal and moral dilemmas, but provide patients with benefits such as financial and pain relief. Assisted suicide should be legalized in the United States to prevent pain and suffering for the patients and their families. Cultures around the world have been using assisted suicide to provide an easy and painless death for hundreds of years. “Euthanasia,” a term created by Suetonius, is two greek words “Eu (good) and Thanatosis (death) and it means “Good Death,” “Gentle and Easy Death”” ("A General History of Euthanasia, 2011"). The first use of the word was when Suetonius was describing Augustus Caesar as, “thus blessed with an easy death and such a one as he had always longed for. On hearing that anyone had died swiftly and painlessly, he prayed that he and his might have a like euthanasia, for that was the term he was wont to use.” ("A General History of Euthanasia, 2011") Although Augustus himself was not helped into his death, the term soon became used to describe assisted suicide. Years later Hitler came to power and started what were known as “Nuremberg laws,” which was the forceful removal and termination of the Jewish population.…
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