Asthma Effects

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How is life like diagnosed asthma? How can someone as special as a mother has this disease, and, be able to relentlessly work every day, just to feed her family? My mother is someone who’s impacted by this disease, ever since she was small. But she’s someone who has been through many of the side effects of asthma since she stated in an interview saying, “When I was younger, I lived in the rural areas of Vietnam, specially Danang. At the time medication was very expensive, so I couldn’t afford to buy an inhaler. Which meant I’ve experienced numerous side effects of Asthma. For me, I’ve been through two asthma attacks, both were very serious and did impact largely on my health. It was challenging to live without the medications I needed, but, I fought through it all.” Consequently, there's not really a cure for Asthma now, but there are ways to relieve Asthma. …show more content…

According to the article, Inhalers (1), it’s states that, “ The “inhaler” was originally made by doctor John Mudge during 1778. The design was based on a pewter tankard, which looks a tad bit like a beer mug, and he used it to inhale different plants and chemical. The first Inhalers were experimented on John Mudge, himself, and was luckily a success.” Also, in Inhalers (1), it’s confirmed that, “The inhaler we know today, the pressurized inhaler, was not invented until 1955. The creator was, American doctor George Mason, and he invented it for his daughter who had asthma and struggled to breathe her medication and he wanted to create inhaler whereas the results were more effective .” Strangely enough, it is unknown how he created the drug, but inside sources, it tells us that he experimented his products on animals like guinea pigs and primates. Thus, the inhaler, became a universal treatment for people who have

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