Essay Astonishing Statistics of Marijuana Use in Minors

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In 2009, 29 million Americans ages 12 and over have reported to using marijuana at least once within the previous year. That number alone is an astonishing statistic on marijuana users. Although marijuana has been a drug with increasing popularity especially throughout the past couple of years due to the legalization in some states. In November of 2012 history was made when Washington and Colorado both legalized marijuana for recreational use. Although marijuana is considered to be a Schedule 1 drug, which means it has a high potential for drug abuse and addictive properties, it is still considered by many that it is not harmful and is in fact the #1 most used illegal drug in the United States. Approximately half of the American population …show more content…

By legalizing marijuana there will be an influx of jobs created due to the demand for dispensaries. Considering the 2.5 million Americans are registered users of medical marijuana, dispensaries alone can make up 2.2 million in one year excluding taxes and owner’s draw and have created thousands of job opportunities just alone in Washington and Colorado. The next pro is the idea that upon legalization there will be a reduction in crime rates. The U.S prisons house up to 6.9 million individuals, 60,000 of those prisoners are there for marijuana use. To house marijuana users it costs the taxpayers around $7-10 billion a year. Approximately 90% of those individuals are in prison for being charged with possession only. The arrests for marijuana possession exceed the arrests for violent crimes including rape and murder. Approximately over 700,000 individuals are arrested each year for marijuana charges. By legalizing marijuana the prisons would have more room for individuals who have committed a violent crime and police forces will be able to do their job and focus on those individuals. This will also give more funding to state agencies and police forces in order to reduce the number of violent crimes. Legalizing marijuana will allow access to health benefits to many individuals, create an increase in job opportunities nationwide providing an influx

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