Marijuana Dispensaries are a Quick Fix to an Economic Crisis

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Need a quick fix to the current economic crisis? How about opening thousands of marijuana dispensaries, supplying tens of thousands of Americans with jobs, and bringing in billions of tax dollars to the government. Is marijuana a threat to our society and our youth? Or is it a plant, capable of easing the pain of the sick, inhibit the growth of cancer cells, rejuvenating the weary, and bringing ease to our stressful lives. The war on drugs has been a failure and it affects us all! The current cost of the war on drugs is 51 billion dollars annually and not only has marijuana use risen but it has become cheaper and easier to get. A recent survey conducted by the Pew Research Center stated that 48% of adults in America have tried marijuana and 40% had done so in the past three years. Legalizing marijuana would benefit the country in many ways.
Opening dispensaries to legally sell the marijuana to customers would create thousands of jobs to help with the current economic crisis. The dispensaries have to hire people to help with the growing process and to sell the marijuana in the dispensaries. Legalizing marijuana would also create jobs for the people who grow, process and sell industrial hemp. It would create jobs at farms, manufacturing plants and distribution shops. It creates a whole new industry, therefore creating jobs in every part of the industry.
Legalizing marijuana will hurt major drug cartels. The office of National Drug Policy has said that as much as

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