At Tradewinds High School ( Ths ) We Serve Students Grades 9-12

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At Tradewinds High School (THS) we serve students grades 9-12. Our mission is to create a safe and challenging learning environment in which promotes personal responsibility and empowers student success. Safety, Academics, and Pride are at the forefront of our schools vision. If we do these three things well, we will have every student experience success. Priorities for this school are as follows:
• Improve school culture
• Bring discipline under control
• Enhance the curriculum
• Raise expectations
• Reduce classroom size
• Establish a stable faculty and leadership team
• Provide teachers with professional development (to enhance teaching practices)
• Implement effective intervention programs (to remediate students in weakness areas
As principal of TWH, I feel it is vital to keep the urgency focused on academics. It is my belief that if we set students up for challenging and engaging classroom instruction, discipline issues will start to lessen. However, my teachers will feel supported and respected, and that will be communicated regularly to our students and school community. “…leaders treat others fairly, equitably, and with dignity and respect—and they establish the expectation that others in the school community act in a similar manner” (Murphy, 2006).
Since Tradewinds High School has a history of high turnover amongst its teachers, I will have a number of vacancies to fill, and want to be as diligent as possible in getting the right teachers for this student

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