Athens Vs Sparta Comparative Essay

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Athens and Sparta were both cities in ancient Greece, logically comprised of several others small cities which were under controlled of the both greater cities even whether Athens was considered as the greatest. Both had their own governmental structures and they had also similarities in some aspects, and on the other hand, they could be different as a matter of fact. They had a governmental scheme or kind of monarchy.


1- The people in Sparta didn’t have the right to participate in public life and made decision making for community if they weren’t male citizens and free, and moreover should be originate from Spartan parents. In Sparta there were two kings and also include three groups that constituted the government. These groups
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The third was the “Middle Class” also known as “200 bushel men”, and might consider as wealthy men and could equip themselves with weapons and armor so they could serve as Hoplite soldiers in the army. Thus, they could be chosen to minor political offices as well. (Brand, 2010:29)

2- The two city-states Athens and Sparta were both cities of Greece and had in reality similar governmental structures as they both implied the Assembly which comprised of free male citizens and had been elected. They both had an extent of slavery, and prepared their boys for struggle.

3- Even if the two cities had similarity in several aspects mainly on government, society and military, they had many differences among them. Sparta had two kings in chorus and the rulers weren’t elected, nevertheless Athens had a king one time and the rulers were usually elected. In Sparta, they had a rule of Oligarchy (rule by a few), whereas In Athens they had a rule of Democracy (rule by the people, “Demos”). In Sparta, male citizens had obligation to military service only and had the right to vote while in Athens, not only the aristocrats were wealthy landlords but were military managers as well that means the Thetes. People in Athens had
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