Atkins And Perkins Character Analysis

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Consistently in the past have I found myself enthralled by the portrayal of villains in film. Characters such as Hannibal Lecter or Norman Bates are enrooted in the foundations of film, specifically in the creation of present-day antagonists, and ways by which they are rendered. Anthony Hopkins and Anthony Perkins, the men who portrayed these two characters mastered this art of expression. Such performances are admirable. They may also prime individuals to consider how they themselves would embody the role of the villain, should they choose. Personally, I admire those performances which transcend what is typical through artistic expression. Hopkins and Perkins reached this transcension. I would choose the role of villain as it allows for more expression in delivery, and it offers me the opportunity to imitate a perspective…show more content…
In film, the range of antagonists’ personalities are larger than that of the archetypal hero. Heroes all typically demonstrate the same set of characteristics. They all live by some moral code, are spurred to action by some event which forces them to prove themselves before finally being rewarded. The hero is more or less a typical role. The villain, however, takes a different approach, one which is more admirable than that of the hero. The villain permits a greater range of characteristics to be presented on a story-to-story basis. I am reminded of James Spader’s performance in this year’s ‘Avengers’ film. His delivery is truly what defines his character. A lethargic, drawn-out delivery promotes the character’s intimidating nature. This may be compared to Heath Ledger’s performance in ‘The Dark Knight’, one which promotes a more scattered character who acts on impulse alone, and it is possible to make note of the potential range which one can utilize to portray a
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